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2 Steps To Improve Your Love Life

 2 Steps To Improve Your Love Life

     When you're growing up and your hormones are RAGING you never stop to think that one day those pesky hormones won't be raging any more until the day you begin to wonder do you even have any hormones left! 
      Being intimate with your spouse keeps your relationship healthy and fills many needs that both men and women have, the need for touch.  As a baby touch is the first sense that we have and touch can also be the secret weapon that holds our relationships together.
     So what happens when your partner has Erectile dysfunction?  ED can put a strain on a relationship and in many cases it's because of the psychological effect that it has on a man.  Americans have become so familiar with Erectile dysfunction because commercial after commercial lets us know there is a little blue pill that will fix it all for us. Yes, we all need to thank the pharmaceutical industry for keeping marriages together because of that little blue pill---…
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Stop--Don't Eat That!

Stop Don't Eat That! I was visiting a friend in the hospital who is battling cancer for the second time, he is getting all his nutrients from a bag and he's really having a tough time. While I was standing in the room I looked up and saw 2 diet sodas and all I could think of at that time is REALLY! Then I ran into a woman at the hospital and she looked very ill and I asked her if she was okay and she said no, that she had really bad diabetes and I was surprised at how packed the hospital was, full of people fighting some disease or another.
I was not a fan of science when I was in school, however, in my Journey as a Certified Nutrtionist and my continued studies to soon become a Naturopath I have realized that we and by we I mean Americans, we don't see the correlation between the foods we eat and the health of our bodies.

According to Bernard Jensen, Ph.D. "We mold ourselves to the food we put in our bodies...What we eat finally finds its way to every cell and orga…

Quick Way To Change A Habit

As most of you know humans are creatures of habit and breaking bad habits or creating good habits is not easily done.  One tip that I have used to create a good habit and insure success is to make a change for a short period of time. 

For example, let's say you want to lose 25 pounds and if you look down that long road ahead of you called life, you may become tired before you even start!

Plan your change for a short period of time, let's say for 3 days.  When you have accomplished this goal, set a new date for another 3 days or try 4 days the next time.  According to Dr. Karl H. Pribram, "Our behavior is governed by images of achievement and without these images we cannot succeed in accomplishing our goals."

If you have tried to lose weight or replace a bad habit with a good one, but you ultimately fell back in to your bad habit,  you have images of yourself as failing, so every time you try to diet, exercise or lose weight you have actually failed before you even h…

Green Coffee Burn | Hidden Youth Vitamins & Wellness

Green Coffee Burn | Hidden Youth Vitamins & Wellness
I think one of the greatest gifts I could have ever gotten is to be a chubby child...that may sound crazy, but at a really young age I had to deal with my weight.  As a matter of fact I remember it like it was yesterday that in the 3rd grade other kids made fun of me because I was FAT....I didn't even know what fat was and I didn't know what it meant either, well now I'm over 50 and I have learned what fat is--at my peak I weighed over 230 pounds UGHH! 

I am a Holistic Nutritionist and help all kinds of people from Competition body builders to obese clients increase their metabolism and improve their health and I am proud to launch my GREEN COFFEE BURN, this is a pharmaceutical grade supplement that can naturally help you lose weight and keep it off.

Click the link at the top of the page to find out more...

Natural Help For Depression

Natural Options To Fight Depression

Robin Williams a successful actor with assets over $50 Million, three children and a wife, why would he take his own life?  I don't think anyone one of us can pass judgment on someone battling with so many demons and struggling with the "D" word Depression.
However, there is more to life than money and success, as a Christian based holistic nutritionist I look at Spirit, Mind and Body and if they are all in balance sadness and mild to moderate depression may creep up on you, but you can fight back....
     The very first step to battling all obstacles in life is recognizing that there is a higher power than you, that you cannot control every aspect of your life and definitely cannot control what's going on around the world.  I may be criticized for saying higher power rather than God or Jesus, but I believe in baby steps especially if a higher power is new to you. If you feel hopeless or sad...pray, believe me prayer changes thin…

Do Body Wraps Really Work?

Many  Americans because of our culture are very unhealthy, we live a fast paced, stressed out life and it is really having an impact on our health.
Did  you know that because of high obesity rates among children more baby boomers may outlive their children?
Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massages etc are becoming more and more popular and understandably so.  As a Holistic Nutritionist that specializes in Food Addictions, Weight Loss, Hair Thinning and the list goes on I am always looking for something that will help my clients overcome these problems naturally and I have fallen in love with Body Wraps.
There are 2 totally different body wraps that I have in my Wellness Center and not just for weight loss but for so much more.
Many of my clients have Adrenal Fatigue which means that they are overworked, stressed to the point of exhaustion, but they still want to lose weight.  

Weight loss can only begin once we begin to correct both diet and lifestyle issues …